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Joining Kingswood US as an advisor opens up a world of opportunities for financial professionals seeking to excel in their careers. With a commitment to empowering advisors and providing the resources they need to succeed, Kingswood offers a dynamic and supportive environment where advisors can thrive.

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Why Choose Kingswood?
Comprehensive Support
Kingswood provides tailored support for advisors, from practice management to marketing assistance, fostering business growth.
Client-Centric Approach
At Kingswood, we prioritize excellence in client service, offering advisors tools and resources to enhance relationships and deliver value.
Unique Solutions
Provide your clients access to unique wealth management products, including alternative investments, investment banking and business succession planning consultations
Cutting-Edge Technology
Stay ahead with our advanced technology solutions, including financial planning software and client management systems, for success in the digital age.
Acquisitions & Recruiting
Our recruiting team is here to help you understand how Kingswood can help you take your business to the next level.
jaime golden kingswood advisor
Jaime Golden
President of Acquisitions and Recruitment
Jaime Golden is President of Acquisitions 
at Kingswood U.S. and Director of Business Development at Benchmark Investments, Inc. With 20+ years in the Financial Services Industry, he's led successful projects in real estate, software, and marketing. Jaime graduated from Hunter University in New York City and holds FINRA licenses 7 and 63.
ryan sabet kingswood advisor
Ryan Sabet
Director, Acquisitions, Recruiting and Strategic Initiatives
Ryan Sabet, Director of Acquisitions, Recruitment, and Strategic Initiatives, leverages his expertise in managing commercial real estate portfolios to drive growth at Kingswood U.S. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Hofstra University and a certificate in construction 
and property management from New 
York University.
rifton westby kingswood advisor
Rifton Westby
Head of Recruitment
Rifton Westby, Head of Recruitment at Kingswood US, previously worked as a consultant for global financial institutions. Graduating from Ithaca College School of Business in 2018, he was also a member 
of the college football team. Rif works out of our New York, NY office.