Advisor Solutions
We understand the challenges and complexities financial advisors face in today's dynamic market.
Our Advisor Solutions platform is built on the foundation of supporting advisors in managing their business, serving their clients, and fostering professional growth. We believe that by providing robust support and resources, we can enable advisors to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional service to their clients while building successful and sustainable practices.
Manage Your Business
Tailored Solutions for Success
At Kingswood, our job is to support you in managing your business and your clients your way. You make independent decisions for your firm and your clients, we provide essential resources and solutions that can help.
Become an Advisor
Advisor Support and Resources
Joining Kingswood US as an advisor opens up a world of opportunities for financial professionals. With a commitment to empowering advisors and providing the resources they need to succeed, Kingswood offers a dynamic and supportive environment where advisors can thrive.


Here’s what our advisors are saying

"I’m in this industry because of how dynamic it is. Every day is a learning experience – you have to continually learn & get better at it. To have the resources Kingswood supplies to help me be better, that is a tool that most people don’t get to have."

Paul Lee

"Kingswood has meant integrity, character, good morals and values to me, which is critical. They’re very much a relationship company that respects all their advisors, regardless of their style."

Cynthia Pulver

"I made the change to work with Kingswood because of their robust platform and access to alternative investments. Additionally, they have a focus on succession planning and – down the road when I am ready – they have the means to make that happen within the network."

Dan Spagnolo

"Kingswood has given me the freedom to design a platform for my clients that not just lets them create dreams, create an architecture of what they want to do and where they want to go, but allows me to help fulfill those dreams for them. I am able create solutions that they may not otherwise have received from a traditional firm or larger broker-dealer."

Julie Broady

"It was an easy decision to move to Kingswood because of who they are. They have such unique purpose & story. It’s important to me to be with a firm that takes an interest in their advisors to really know them and support them where they’re most grounded and where their purpose is. They put their advisors first."

Regina Faison

"Kingswood offers me an incredible playground of opportunity and investment ideas & strategies that are so appropriate for my clients at the right time & inflection point of their lives."

Don Kuhs

"I appreciate how open Kingswood is to new ideas & how they provide me with the autonomy to run my business the way I see fit & the way that is best for my clients."

Matthew Nadeau

Frequently Asked Questions

Advisor Solutions

How can I get started with Kingswood Advisors?

No matter your need, please contact Ryan Sabet, Director of Acquisitions, Recruiting and Strategic Initiatives ( After a brief conversation to understand what you hope to accomplish, he will introduce you to the Kingswood team who can help you achieve those goals.

To meet my clients’ needs, I offer both fee-based and commission-based solutions. Can you support both?

Kingswood U.S. has both an in-house RIA (Kingswood Wealth Advisors) and an in-house RIA-friendly broker-dealer (Kingswood Capital Partners, LLC) to help our advisors maintain both independence & the flexibility to do both fee-based and commission business to meet their clients' comprehensive wealth management needs.

If I decide to become a Kingswood advisor, who owns the book of business?

YOU do – your clients remain your clients. We are here to support you (and them) as best we can.

Am I going to be forced to change custodians?

Kingswood has worked hard to build relationships with multiple custodial service providers to give our advisors the flexibility they need to best serve their clients.

How does the Kingswood Team support me and my clients during our onboarding and transition process?

We are committed to providing a smooth transition to your firm and your clients. For the first 90 days you will have a dedicated team of relationship managers to help you get settled here at Kingswood. Additionally, our dedicated transition team will focus on moving your registrations over and on moving your client accounts.